Acne Treatment


Acne Treatment in Melbourne We understand that controlling your acne and breakouts can be challenging and frustrating. It can affect your self-confidence and your lifestyle. Our acne treatment regimen includes a series of acne facials, peels, light therapy and a personalised skin care routine for home. This...

Injectables Melbourne


Why Injectables Should be Performed by Cosmetic Doctors Injectables in Melbourne can’t be performed by just anyone. Cosmetic doctors have additional training as well as an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, making them the best choice for injectable treatments. If you’re looking to get dermal fillers in...

Best Skin Treatments For Skin


Your Recipe for Great Skin and Which Treatment Suits You Better Have you ever really considered your skin? It’s such a wonderful and amazing organ of the body, but many of us neglect it. It’s a shame, because there are so many beneficial treatments on offer these...

Professional Dermal Therapist


Beauty Therapist vs. Dermal Therapist At first glance, a professional beauty therapist and a dermal therapist seem to cover many of the same areas, so you can be forgiven for not knowing the difference between them. Where they differ most is the extent of their training, the...

Cosmetic Doctor


Why it’s Better to See a Cosmetic Doctor Instead of a Cosmetic Nurse The differences between the roles of cosmetic nurses and cosmetic doctors in Melbourne may not be immediately apparent. There are also many titles thrown around the industry which can be misleading, designed to trick...

It’s Non-Invasive


Face Lifting and Face Shaping Without Surgery: Find Out Why it’s the Choice for You If you’re considering surgery for a lower face lift or any other kind of facelift, we’ve got news for you. Going under the knife is no longer necessary to get outstanding results...

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