Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels at Our Melbourne Clinic

Our clinic offers a unique anti-ageing superficial and deep peel range for the treatment of fine lines, ageing skin and pigment disorders. Achieve results over a course of chemical face peels to improve skin texture and smoothness and stimulate collagen and elastin production. At our Williamstown clinic, we also offer the prized plus facial.

With a superior formula incorporating active ingredients of lactic acid, salicylic acid and buffered alpha tocopheral acetate (TCA), our peels allow for controlled penetration. We will recommend the most appropriate chemical skin peel and home-care regimen after conducting a professional diagnosis and analysing your skin type.


Skin peeling treatments remove old skin and stimulate the growth of new skin. The resulting renewed skin should be clearer and smoother. Skin peels utilise naturally derived chemicals or acids and various ingredients to treat different issues. Different potencies of these chemicals can be used to suit different skin types.

A lactic acid peel provides a gentle yet deep exfoliation that stimulates the skin’s cell renewal and natural collagen production. It is intended to restore the skin’s moisture, eliminate fine lines that are formed due to dehydration, and fight the signs of aging.

A salicylic acid peel enters the skin and dissolves oil, sebum and dead skin cells that block pores on acne prone skin. This treatment repairs skin from the inside out by removing whiteheads, blackheads and skin congestion, while helping to fade marks caused by acne and breakouts.

Depending on the intensity of the peel, you may experience a mild to moderate redness. The skin may be flaky and mildly irritated within 24 hours. The degree and healing time will vary, depending on the type of peel and your skin type. Your therapist will discuss this with you during your consultation.

You might feel some stinging, burning and itching from the peel. However, these sensations stop once the treatment has concluded.

Treated areas take between one to seven days to heal after receiving a light chemical peel, and during this time the skin may briefly be lighter or darker than usual. People who receive a medium or strong peel tend to see results after only five days. Their skin might be red, swollen and tight.

Most people can get a chemical face peel every two to four weeks for a maximum of four to six peels. However, acne sufferers may have to get peel treatments every two weeks.

This will be determined by which type of skin peeling treatment our dermal therapist recommends for you and how much work is required.

If you’ve been looking for a skin clinic that offers skin peels in Melbourne, find out how H&H Aesthetic Medicine can help you. Call us today on (03) 7007 8811 or send an online enquiry if you want more information on our chemical peel cost or to book an appointment at our Williamstown clinic.

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