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Skin Analysis & Skin Consultation in Melbourne

H&H Aesthetic Medicine recommends that our patients undergo a professional and comprehensive skin consultation to identify and treat any issues you have with your skin. Our dermal therapist will have a discussion with you about your skin history, your specific skin issues, and the steps required to attain your ideal skin.

Once we understand your condition, we can help to revitalise your skin by targeting any area you’re concerned with, using a combination of skin treatments to improve your skin’s tone, texture and hydration level.  We will also answer any questions you have and recommend a skincare treatment plan to suit your specific type of skin.

Our Skin Analysis Procedure

Our dermal therapist will begin this procedure by gently cleansing your skin. They will then examine your skin under light and magnification. During this step, they will look for any signs of congestion, pigmentation, sun damage, vascular changes, dehydration and sensitivity. Once they have completed the skin analysis and the overall skin consultation has concluded, your therapist will prescribe a skincare regimen to achieve healthy, luminous skin.

The Overall Treatment Process

The dermal therapists at H&H Aesthetic Medicine are very methodical when it comes to implementing skin treatments. We begin by performing a comprehensive skin examination. We will evaluate both the appearance and the deeper layers of your skin. Once we have finished assessing your skin, we will recommend some take-home products for you to use at-home to try to improve your skin issues and prepare your skin for the next stage of your overall treatment.

After this stage, your therapist might recommend that you undergo a peel treatment. This is a customised procedure to suit each skin type, helping to treat the specific skin issue that the patient has.

Book an Appointment at Our Clinic Today

Our dermal therapist is here to help you attain the skin you desire. Call us on (03) 7007 8811 or send an online enquiry to arrange a skin analysis at our Melbourne clinic.


Our treatments are for people who are afflicted with any type of skin condition. We offer treatments for many common skin conditions such as inflammatory skin disorders, acne or scarring, UV damage, and others. We will conduct a full skin analysis at our Melbourne clinic to assess your skin and determine what type of treatment plan you may require.

Although there are skincare products available for people to use at home, these products may not always produce the desired results, or could even cause your skin to have a bad reaction. Our dermal therapists are trained and experienced in providing treatments that minimise the likelihood of you experiencing any adverse effects.

There are various types of skin care treatments available that are all designed to treat specific skin ailments. H&H Aesthetic Medicine will perform a full skin analysis and suggest a treatment plan during your skin consultation.

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