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High Quality Wrinkle Botulinum Toxin Injections

Helping You Look and Feel Your Best

H&H Aesthetic Medicine is a specialist cosmetic medical clinic committed to providing the highest-quality Wrinkle injections and cosmetic treatments. Our services are designed to meet your anti-aging needs, and our highly trained, experienced staff is here to support you.

Wrinkle injections use a commercially produced extract from clostridium botulinum toxin that is injected into the muscles of the face to treat wrinkles; offering non-surgical options for your aging skin and for medical reasons. Our Cosmetic Doctors work closely with our patients to help them determine if injectables are the right treatment option for them. Our goal is to provide our patients with the skin they’ve been dreaming of, and our treatment options may vary, depending on their desires.

Anti-wrinkle Injections Botox Melbourne

Our Wrinkle Injections

One of our most popular procedures — this wrinkle treatment helps many of our patients feel happier and more confident in their skin. Wrinkle injections have become one of the most prominent treatments today, gaining more traction with those looking for non-invasive, effective methods of restoring their youthful glow.

Wrinkle injections help minimise obvious wrinkles and facial lines as well as  revive and renew your skin’s appearance. By minimising frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and other “age revealing” features and facial expressions; this treatment focuses on making the skin appear smoother and is useful for a treating many  conditions ranging from teeth grinding to excessive sweating.

Truly Unprecedented Results

At H&H Aesthetic Medicine, we aren’t happy unless you get the outcome you’re hoping for when you walk in our door. Our experienced cosmetic doctors and professional clinicians can treat for the reduction or elimination of your fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin conditions in the face and neck region, including:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Nasal squint lines
  • Lines around the mouth and neck
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Jaw slimming
  • Teeth grinding
  • Headaches
  • Excessive sweating
Cosmetic Doctor Melbourne Anti-wrinkle Botox Melbourne

How Do Wrinkle Injections Help?

Certain muscles in your face contract in a way that can cause wrinkles.  Once those muscles become paralysed, your facial muscles relax. This allows any wrinkles and fine lines in your face to smooth out, providing your skin with a glowing, youthful look. Results begin to appear two to four days after treatment and may last up to four months.

Wrinkle injections are an effective and requires little recovery time. Our patients often experience no side effects, but occasionally, a patient may experience temporary bruising and redness near the sight of their injection. Very rarely, a droopy eyelid may be experienced after your Wrinkle treatment.

Anti-wrinkle Injections Botox Melbourne

What Should I Expect?

During your initial consultation, our experienced cosmetic doctors will conduct a detailed, full-faced analysis. We’ll discuss your trouble areas, as well as your expectations and goals. We will show you the potential results you can achieve with the wrinkle treatment and discuss possible side effects, so you can make informed decisions about your wrinkle treatments.

We will then work together to decide on a treatment plan that fits your skin care needs and budget and provides you with the best results. Every face is different, and we want to provide you with options that will work best for your skin.

Once you embark on a treatment plan, we know you will want to keep your results as long as possible, so we will discuss how to prevent the reappearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We know they are a part of your skin’s natural aging process, but they shouldn’t be a daily worry in your life. Our wrinkle treatment can leave you looking refreshed and glowing and feeling completely confident in your appearance.

Be Your Best Self

We want you to look your best self every day. We want you to radiate the youthfulness and vitality on the outside that you feel on the inside. Wrinkles and fine lines don’t have to stop that beauty from shining through.

As you start considering your wrinkle treatment options here in the Melbourne area, give H&H Aesthetic Medicine a call. We’ll ease your signs of aging so you can radiate your true beauty. Rest assured you’re in good hands as we make you look as young as you feel.

FAQs — Wrinkle Injections

How Do Wrinkle Injections Work?

Wrinkle injections are made from diluted and purified proteins commercially derived from clostridium botulinum toxin that, when injected in certain areas, can block chemical signals between the brain and muscles. This helps relax muscles that may be naturally overworked, smoothing lines and resulting in tighter and fresher looking skin.

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What Can Wrinkle Injections Be Used For?

Wrinkle injections are used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. When it comes to cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, wrinkle treatments are most often used to reduce frown lines, crow's feet, lines between the eyes, forehead lines, lines around the nose, frown lines and more. It may also be used to alleviate headaches, pain from teeth grinding, relieve hyperhidrosis and other conditions.

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How Long Do The Results Of Wrinkle Injections Last?

The length of your results will vary for each person; the area that has been injected, the dose and patient's lifestyle can all effect this. The full results of each treatment can be seen up to 2 weeks post treatment, however you may start to notice changes from 72 hours post treatment. These results can last anywhere between 2-3 months and results are dependent on those factors just mentioned.

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How Long Will The Treatment Take?

Wrinkle injection treatments are one of the fastest cosmetic procedures; the process itself takes only a few minutes and offers visible results within days. Because this is not an invasive surgery, recovery time is unnecessary, which means you can return to normal life immediately after your treatment.

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Are Wrinkle Injections Safe?

Wrinkle injections are a well-researched, non-surgical treatment. Our patients are our priority and our doctors here at H&H Aesthetic Medicine have extensive experience and training in performing cosmetic injectable treatments. We pride ourselves on providing the most effective treatments possible.

As with any treatment there are risks involved and rare side effects can include:

  • A droopy eyelid
  • Headaches
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Sensitivity
  • Spreading of the substance, causing minor paralysis (which is generally temporary)

Your doctor will discuss these with you during your consultation.

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How Much Do Wrinkle Injections Cost?

Similar to the length of the results, the cost of wrinkle injections will vary for each person. There are many factors to this including; the area you're wanting to treat, the size and strength of the muscle as well as your desired outcome of the treatment. Our thorough consultation process will help to guide you with a personalised treatment plan and dosage suitable to your concerns.

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How Many Wrinkle Injections Will I Need To See Results?

The number of injections varies from patient to patient, depending on which wrinkles you'd like to treat, your previous history of wrinkle treatments and other unique factors such as your muscle movement/activity and overall health. Our professional specialists completely customise your wrinkle treatment to your unique needs and goals so that we can ensure the best results.

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How Do I Prepare For Wrinkle Injections?

Generally, we will ask that you refrain from consuming alcohol or blood-thinning medications and certain supplements for a period of time before undergoing treatment. We also ask that you come to the appointment makeup-free to make the process faster and more efficient.

If there is anything else you need to do before your appointment, our cosmetic doctors will let you know.

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How Much Do Wrinkle Injections Hurt?

Generally speaking, very little pain is felt. We use tiny needles, and most of the injections points where the forehead wrinkle injection goes are only 0.01-0.05ml, pricked just beneath the skin's surface.Very often, some of the wrinkle injections our Melbourne Cosmetic Doctors inject are not felt at all; some can be a small prick sensation. Wrinkle injections wouldn't be the most popular cosmetic wrinkle treatments in the world today if they were painful.

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What Is The Difference Between Wrinkle Injections And Volumising/Contouring Treatments?

Wrinkle treatments and volumising/contouring treatments are both types of cosmetic injectables, but they work in very different ways.

Volumising/contouring and wrinkle injections are used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and facial sagging. Both volumising/contouring treatments and wrinkle injections are a form of cosmetic treatment that fights the signs of aging.

Subtle Differences

A volumising/contouring treatment is injected into the skin to plump out lines and wrinkles; whereas a wrinkle injection relaxs the muscles in your face and prevent new wrinkles from forming.

Wrinkle Injection Treatments

  • Wrinkle injections relax facial muscles to prevent or slow the formation of wrinkles and lines.
  • The treatment is quick, and you can see the results in days.
  • The full results of each treatment can be seen as early as one week after the procedure and may last up to three months.
  • Injections are typically repeated every three to four months in order to maintain the cosmetic results.
  • Wrinkle Injections are made from diluted and purified proteins derived from a patented process.

Volumising/Contouring Treatments

  • Volumising/contouring treatments are used to restore the volume of skin that is lost as we age, thereby reducing wrinkles and improving overall appearance.
  • Volumising/contouring treatments use a gel-like substance in which tiny particles are suspended, and add volume to the face.
  • Volumising/contouring treatments are injected beneath the skin's outer layer and are made from plant-based sugars.

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Who Are Wrinkle Treatments Suitable For?

Wrinkle injections are suitable for majority of patients of all backgrounds. Every patient is different so no two treatments will be the same. Our doctors will determine if the wrinkle injections treatment is right for you during your initial consultation.

Wrinkle treatments are not just for patients who are looking to improve the signs of aging; They can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions as well. While this treatment is a non-invasive procedure - it is important to know that wrinkle injections are unsuitable for those who are pregnant, planning to be or breastfeeding.

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Will I Look Frozen Or Fake After A Wrinkle Treatment?

At H&H Aesthetic Medicine, our experienced doctors strive to provide our patients with the best results whilst still maintaining a natural look. We specialise in techniques that leave you looking refreshed, natural and confident.

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Enquire About Our Wrinkle Injections

For more information regarding wrinkle injections and to find out if this treatment is suitable for you, contact our friendly team at H&H Aesthetic Medicine on (03) 7007 8811 or by booking your appointment here.

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